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  1. Eating a Vagina Can Cure Cancer According to Cancer Treatment Study
  2. Biggest scaredy-cat
  3. Today's Quote (misery, loneliness, and suffering) lol.gif
  4. From VoteVets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Cedar Bluff Town Manager indicted *PHOTO*
  6. Traffic stop in Washington County, Va. yields meth, marijuana, other drugs *PHOTO*
  7. Virginia State Police issue warning about automated traffic ticket email scam
  8. Authorities need your help in Scott County burglary case *PHOTO*
  9. GOP lawmakers: Move Appalachian agency out of Washington
  10. Buchanan Co. child porn suspect arrested in Colorado
  11. Islamic terrorists tried to hit U.S. 97 times since 9/11
  12. More Hillary emails revealed, additional 'pay-to-play' evidence
  13. Hundreds of Trump backers hit D.C. to blast media's racist claims
  14. Herion in the Heartland (60 Minutes)
  15. Southern Medical Dictionary
  16. Today's Quote (cockroaches and socialites) lmao.gif
  17. One Of The Most Surprising Ways To Tell How Healthy You Are
  18. Trump's new tax plan
  19. Fury after Facebook bans ad showing everyday struggle of women squeezing breasts into ill-fitting bras
  20. Trump revives debate on hate groups, then signs resolution condemning them
  21. 9 Lies About DACA Trump Is Buying Into
  22. Show reflects coal’s pulse; Rep. Griffith discusses future of energy, health insurance, infrastructure
  23. Settlers Museum of Southwest Virginia to celebrate 30th anniversary with Heritage Day *PHOTO*
  24. Local counties scrounging for cash to buy voting machines
  25. Ex-coal CEO asks court to toss conviction in mine explosion *PHOTO*
  26. Sens. Tim Kaine, Lamar Alexander perform as ‘The Amateurs’ at Bristol Rhythm and Roots
  27. More than 60 indicted in Tazewell County
  28. Never Again!
  29. Today's Quote (disbelief in magic) lol.gif
  30. Project to bring sewer service to Dickenson County homes, industrial site
    DID YOU KNOW? Casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese that contains live maggots. The maggots can jump up to five inches out of cheese while you're eating it, so it's a good idea to shield it with your hand to stop them jumping into your eyes.
  31. Council High School mourns the loss of coach Brian Hess *PHOTO*
  32. EPA delays rules limiting wastewater from coal power plants
  33. 7 arrested at mostly peaceful protest at Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond *PHOTO*
  34. 19-year-old charged after stabbing teen at Washington County, Va. Fair *PHOTO*
  35. Big Stone Gap festival to celebrate region's Celtic heritage
  36. Trump making 1 troubling mistake 16 years after 9/11
  37. Mueller must be removed, disbarred, prosecuted
  38. The solution for Berkeley snowflakes -- and the rest of us
  39. What Your Doctor Wants To Tell You, But Can't (From A Medical Physician)
  40. HMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. Are You A Frequent Worrier? New Study Shows How You Can Drastically Reduce Worry
    1. Re: Are You A Frequent Worrier? New Study Shows How You Can Drastically Reduce Worry

  42. Men Vs. Women At Work
  43. Today's Quote (walking) lmao.gif
  44. Final scores
  45. Beer, far, wherever you are
  46. Hilarious Internet Reactions to the Botched Ecce Homo Restoration
  47. Florida men caught with stolen power pole strapped to SUV in wake of Hurricane Irma
  48. ESPN Suspended Linda Cohn, Let Racist Jemele Hill Slide. President Trump to ESPN: ‘Apologize for Untruth!’
  49. No amnesty is good amnesty
  50. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) honored two members of Southwest VA Police Departments *PHOTO*
  51. Anthem plans to reenter Virginia insurance market
  52. Robert E. Lee monument vandalized in Roanoke *PHOTO*
  53. Woman charged in attack of Charlottesville rally organizer *PHOTO*
  54. Confederate rally organizers say they don’t know how many people to expect Saturday *PHOTO*
  55. SWVA communities receive grant funding from state
  56. Polls foreshadow electoral doom if Trump caves on immigration
  57. Action taken on teacher who booted kids for Trump slogan
  58. U.S. city makes 'outrageous' decision to let illegals vote
  59. Super toilet can flush anything
    1. Re: Super toilet can flush anything

  60. This Once-Obscure Fruit Is On Its Way To Becoming PawPaw-Pawpular
    DID YOU KNOW? Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.
  61. Oooops!
  62. Today's Quote (the grass is always greener) lol.gif
  63. This Weekend's Prep Football Predictions
  64. 6 Terrifying Powers You Didn't Know The Government Had
  65. Multiverse: have astronomers found evidence of parallel universes? *PIC*
  66. UVA to donate money in symbolic repayment of KKK pledge
  67. Miners from across U.S. take part in national safety competition
  68. Proposed legislation recommends middle school technical education
  69. Fire destroys home in Russell County *PHOTO*
  70. Bluefield Coal Show returns as vendors adapt to changing industry *PHOTO*
  71. Protesters shroud Jefferson statue, decry UVa response to rallies, UVA president criticizes *PHOTO*
  72. Court 'licenses' illegals to commit identity theft
  73. Left's 'attack dog' goes bonkers on Fox News
  74. Congressman demands Russia-collusion probe – into Hillary
  75. Lobbyists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. LOL!!Another Wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. Unique Costume
  78. Today's Quote (Battle of the Sexes) lmao.gif
  79. Nothing Says Honeymoon Like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. You recon...
    1. Re: You recon...

  81. Top Democrat Tim Kaine’s Son Is an Antifa Member – Congratulations Tim, You’ve Raised a Terrorist
  82. Rapper Sparks Outrage With Music Video Showing Him HANGING White Child (VIDEO)
  83. CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says Osama Bin Laden's Porn Stash Won't Be Released
  84. Police search for driver whose vehicle crashed into Smyth church catching it on fire *PHOTO*
  85. St. Paul man sentenced to 3 years in prison for felony child abuse *PHOTO*
  86. Wise Co. receives more than $590K for 2015 storm damages
  87. High Knob Recreation *PHOTO*
  88. VMI leaders say military college will keep Confederate statues *PHOTO*
  89. 4 senators, nonprofit to unveil initiative for Appalachia
  90. First Ladies Of The U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DID YOU KNOW? In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator.
  91. Sex laws
  92. Today's Quote (friendship) lol.gif
  93. Is this 1930s painting proof of time travel? hypno.gif
  94. 5 Geniuses The Media Loves To Quote (Who Aren't Experts)
  95. Football??
    1. Re: Football??

  96. Breaks Interstate Park's "Tales of the Cumberlands" event looks to inform and entertain about history and legends from Appalachia *PHOTO*
  97. Remnants of Irma cause damage in Russell County
  98. Va. man pleads guilty, insists he didn't rape or kill girls *PHOTO*
  99. Charges in fatal Abingdon hit-and-run bound over to grand jury *PHOTO*
  100. Charges filed weeks after alleged attack in Charlottesville
  101. Appalachian poor, left out of health debate, seek free care
  102. Re: Elementary options: Clinchco, Haysi touted as best sites *PHOTO*
    1. Re: Elementary options: Clinchco, Haysi touted as best sites *PHOTO*

  103. Golf World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. New push to oust Mueller as special counsel
  105. Left gets MORE vicious, celebrates death of Eric Bolling's son
  106. Face it: The Trump boom is here
  107. HMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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