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The oldest condoms ever found date back to the 1640s (they were found in a cesspit at Dudley Castle), and were made from animal and fish intestines.

  1. In Case You Missed It!!!!!!!!
  2. Tell Him I'm Busy!!!
  3. In The 1950s And 1960s!!!!!!
  4. Signs Your Memorial Day Weekend Sucked
  5. Remember Ole Hastert!!!!
  6. Today's Quote (duct tape) lmao.gif
  7. War crime
  8. Caption THIS!
    1. Re: Caption THIS!

  9. LOL!!!!!!
  10. Wise County Grand jury indicts 26 people
  11. Virginia ileutenant governor candidate wants confederate monuments removed and renamed
  12. Coalbed methane suits moving forward for SW Va. landowners
  13. Union High School Marching Bears performing in National Memorial Day Parade *PHOTO*
  14. VSP Trooper dies after being shot in Mosby Court, suspect in custody*PHOTO*
  15. Red Onion inmate, D.C. sniper teen could get new trial *PHOTO*
  16. Judge protecting sanctuary cities using same trick to stop travel ban
    1. Re: Judge protecting sanctuary cities using same trick to stop travel ban

  17. Left's biggest lies exposed on major TV show
    1. Re: Left's biggest lies exposed on major TV show

  18. Judge tries to stop you from watching this video
    1. Re: Judge tries to stop you from watching this video

  19. We Should Hang Out More!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Elderly Vets Benefits!!
    1. Re: Elderly Vets Benefits!!

  21. HMMMM!!!!
  22. Need Some Lemons!!!!!!
  23. LOL!!!!
  24. The Refrigerator
  25. Today's Quote (getting old) lol.gif
  26. SURPRISE!!!!! Dr. Evil's Plot To Take Down Fox News EXPOSED, It’s SICK
  27. Nancy Pelosi complains Trump not visiting countries in alphabetical order
  28. YES!!!!! Sanctuary cities lose access to federal grants that require complying with federal immigration law – cue the histrionics
  29. Kushner Is The Perfect Fall Guy!!!!!!!!
  30. Thumb's Down!!!!
  31. Bristol Regional And Mountain Empire Community College Teaming Up To Address Nursing Shortage
  32. 44 hits found in DNA testing of Virginia's backlogged rape evidence
  33. $10 million grant will help develop abandoned mines in SW Va
  34. Former addict overcomes addiction, becomes Wise County drug court coordinator
  35. Heavy rain causing untreated sewage into rivers in Southwest Virginia
  36. Norton Virginia Man's Luck Runs Out With Probation Violations *PHOTO*
  37. This Is Where We Are!!!!!!
  38. The Drunk & the Policeman
  39. Today's Quote (life isn't fair ) lmao.gif
  40. Katy Perry is a Complete Idiot
  41. Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years
  42. Inmate gets 2 more years in prison for assaulting local corrections officers
  43. Bristol assisted living worker pleads guilty to assaulting 94-year-old woman *PHOTO*
  44. Wise Co. man gets two years probation for removing ginseng plants from national forest
  45. Southwest Virginia leaders focus on re-entry efforts for inmates
  46. Tip from juvenile nets pot bust in Pound *PHOTO*
  47. Man pleads guilty in home invasion, rape case *PHOTO*
  48. Blessed Are The Meek!!!!!!!
  49. Hannity Going On vacation!!!!!
  50. Favorite Bible Story!!!
  51. Blessed Are The Poor!!!
  52. Saturday Night Live!!!
  53. Fox News Had The Best Reporting on Journalist Attack!!!!!!!!!
  54. Whistleblower: Obama knowingly opened door to MS-13 gang
  55. Investigator: Cops hid evidence, halted Seth Rich probe
  56. Twitter suspends news agency for Seth Rich report
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