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Trump-Putin Anonymous Mon 2017-04-10 1:51pm No. 16 149184667131s.jpg
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Not a crook Anonymous Mon 2017-05-29 2:30am No. 22 149603941697s.jpg
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Trump Jesus Anonymous Sun 2017-05-21 1:21pm No. 21 149538731494s.jpg
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Dr. Strangetrump Anonymous Sun 2017-05-21 1:21pm No. 20 149538727168s.jpg
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Bon appetit Anonymous Sun 2017-05-21 1:20pm No. 19 149538724898s.jpg
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Trumps Wall Anonymous Wed 2017-04-12 3:22pm No. 17 149202494966s.jpg
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Having grown tired of President Trump’s constant insistence that Mexico will pay for his border wall, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto changed tactics today by making an offer directly to the American people.

“I will never pay for this ridiculous border wall, but I am willing to wall off Washington D.C. from the rest of the United States at no cost to you.”

Peña Nieto emphasized that while a border wall would need to be 1,989 miles long through difficult terrain, a wall around DC would barely be 30 miles on largely level ground.

“Just imagine never having to deal with those clowns in Congress and the White House again because they would be permanently separated by an impenetrable physical barrier.”

His proposal is receiving serious consideration from US voters who say they are sick of politics and politicians, including a sizable number of Trump supporters who now see their President not draining the swamp, but restocking it.

“It could be done in a week. I honestly think you would be happier.”


We just totally destroyed a Syrian military airbase except for... Anonymous Sun 2017-04-09 9:11pm No. 15 149178668964s.jpg
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Remember when we cried as kids Anonymous Sun 2017-04-09 5:24pm No. 14 149177309211s.jpg
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President Donald Trump Bombs Syria Peter!CzQ2xpYD/U Fri 2017-04-07 10:22pm No. 9
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President Donald Trump Bombs Syria
Why does the US want to unseat Assad in Syria? Peter!CzQ2xpYD/U Sat 2017-04-08 1:27pm No. 12
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Peter!CzQ2xpYD/U Sat 2017-04-08 1:28pm No. 13
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A few reasons we don't have universal healthcare Peter!CzQ2xpYD/U Fri 2017-04-07 5:21am No. 8 149155690837s.jpg
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Peter!CzQ2xpYD/U Thu 2017-04-06 10:31pm No. 7 149153230122s.png
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Donald Trump: Replace Obamacare with Universal Health Care Peter!CzQ2xpYD/U Tue 2017-04-04 9:34pm No. 6
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Donald Trump: Replace Obamacare with Universal Health Care

Anonymous Wed 2017-03-22 8:27pm No. 1 149022882351s.jpg
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Tom Thu 2017-03-23 3:17am No. 2 149025344596s.jpg
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Tester Sun 2017-03-26 12:47pm No. 5
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Test bob Sun 2017-03-26 11:33am No. 4
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This is a test.

Fish Anonymous Fri 2017-03-24 11:23am No. 3
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Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.
Give a man tax breaks, corporate subsidies and lax regulations, and he'll kill all the fish and move his business to China.

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