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Publicly traded firms get $365M in small-business loans

Companies with thousands of employees, past penalties from government investigations and risks of financial failure even before the coronavirus walloped the economy were among those receiving millions of dollars from a relief fund that Congress created to help small businesses through the crisis, an Associated Press investigation found.

The Paycheck Protection Program was supposed to infuse small businesses, which typically have less access to quick cash and credit, with $349 billion in emergency loans that could help keep workers on the job and bills paid on time.

But at least 94 companies that disclosed receiving aid since the program opened April 3 were publicly traded, the AP found, some with market values well over $100 million. And about 25% of the companies had warned investors months ago - while the economy was humming along - that their ability to remain viable was in question.



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A man who robbed a Far South Side hot dog stand accidentally shot himself in the penis as he tried to escape early Tuesday, according to court documents.



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I just checked that video and messed with the levels on my speaker: I now have proof that CNN is adding subliminal sounds to their videos in order to scare normies.



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We're going to need a bigger vaccine.


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A 64-year-old man accidentally ejected himself from a fighter jet at 2,500 feet

(CNN) - A surprise company outing to an air base caused a 64-year-old French man so much stress that he flung himself from a fighter jet in midair, grabbing the ejector button in a panic and tumbling through the skies above France before landing in a field.
The man had been surprised by employees at his firm, who had organized a joyride in a Dassault Rafale B jet for him as a treat.



Dying for the Dow Jones Industrial Average is now an essential part of MAGA dogma.


IMPORTANT: Predicting Coronavirus


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Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — and that's the real global emergency
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There's a repo crisis that started last year, pension funds are insolvent, the government is bailing out every industry, dozens of CEOs quit their jobs in anticipation, Brady Sluder announced he didn't care if he caught Corona Virus, senators sold millions in February, the unemployment websites are crashing do to load, mass layoffs haven't started, supply chain hit hasn't fully manifested yet (companies will run out of reserve stock soon), quarterly earnings are next month, hmm what else? yes there is a global pandemic. Oh right, there's a housing bubble, student loan bubble, sub-prime auto loans. What else? OH YEAH. All growth in the market since 2009 has been fucking stock buybacks! OH RIGHT any the fucking pandemic hasn't even slammed the hospitals yet. Do you realize by this time next month the average hospital will be swamped with elderly people who are literally suffocating to death? Picture it, and the media coverage.

We haven't even priced-in all the people who will be drawing out their 401ks to pay for mortgages, rent, and food. OH yeah, and the food shortages. OH YEAH and the national GUARD is being DEPLOYED because of the very real possibility of riots in the major cities. OH YEAH and there's going to be an Occupy Wall Street 2.0 coming that will be militantly violent with a fully built-up army of anti-Drumpf cattle manipulated by strongest anarcho-communist blac block America has even seen warring with the largest alt-right poltard army ever.


Walmart and Amazon hiring >>>/biz/19


Watch How the Coronavirus Spread Across the United States


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Stepmum accused of slicing genitals off 12-year-old boy with fruit knife in China

Doctors in China have spent 12 hours reattaching a 12-year-old boy's genitals after his stepmum allegedly cut his penis and testicles clean off with a fruit knife.

The 12-year-old boy, whose name has not been given, is in stable condition, but doctors fear he may never regain full function of his reproductive organ.

The child living with his father in the city of Fuyang was reportedly attacked by his stepmother in their rental home on 3 March.

His dad returned home to find him severely injured, and took him to Fuyang People's Hospital for treatment.

The boy, whose severed penis and testicles were carried to hospital in a bag, was eventually referred to the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University.

Zhang Xian, the hospital's head urologist, said the boy's genitals were successfully reattached during a 12-hour operation lasting from 8pm to 4am the following day.

The boy has since woken up from surgery and remains in stable condition.

The medic said: "He went from hospital to hospital. It caused such a big delay.

"His genitals were cut clean off and brought in a bag.

"I've never seen anything so cruel. His penis and testicles were completely severed.

"The boy said his stepmum did it."

The doctor reported that the boy would be able to urinate normally in the future, but that it would be "very difficult" for him to recover the "efficacy" of his organ.

The child's stepmum, 32, who has not been named, is believed to be in police custody as an investigation continues.

The reason behind the alleged attack is still unclear.


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A COVID-19 coronavirus update from concerned physicians

"Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate."
- Michael Leavitt

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached a point where containment is no longer possible. The COVID-19 threat is real, and rapidly getting worse. Many of you are very nervous; some are unsure of the validity of the information you are reading. As physician leaders, we felt it was important to craft a resource you can rely on as being scientifically accurate and one which contains as much actionable information and guidance as possible.

Accurate, actionable information during an epidemic can save lives. Physicians are on the front line of this epidemic. Not only are we treating the sick, but we are also cringing at the misinformation spread through both traditional broadcast and social media. Evidence matters. Unfortunately, evidence is often slow, methodical, and boring and has a tough time against clicky headlines and exaggeration. We believe that an accurate representation of the current COVID-19 pandemic followed by a set of actionable steps you, your loved ones, politicians, and local officials can utilize is of paramount importance and ultimately could save tens of thousands of lives.

Read more: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2020/03/a-covid-19-coronavirus-update-from-concerned-physicians.html


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