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N.C. father killed wife, 3 kids, dog and himself in 'horrific crime scene,' police say

The Craven County Sheriff's Office held a news conference Monday morning to update the media on the circumstances of the Ireland family, who were all found slain in their home on Kinsaw Court in Vanceboro. Police believe Michael Jay Ireland, 39, killed his wife April Ireland, 26, their children, Michael Jayson, 4, Bryson Griffon, 3, and Carolyn Nicole, 8 months old, Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes said Monday. Michael Ireland also killed their family dog and ended the spree by killing himself, Hughes said.



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Police arrested Dominic Calderon on Tuesday for solicitation after he allegedly attempted to pay an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute with a hamburger.



Trading meat for meat.


He tried to give her a Whopper.

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Michael Bloomberg on Marijuana: Legalizing 'Another Addictive Narcotic' Is Perhaps 'Stupidest Thing Anybody Has Ever Done'


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One of the five robbers who raided two houses in Bulawayo and burnt the occupants’ buttocks with hot electric irons before robbing them of money, laptops, cellphones and plasma television sets, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail.


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Chinese customs officers seized over 12 tons of illegally trafficked beaver genitals in the country’s biggest-ever smuggling case involving animal parts.



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Woman charged for allegedly biting off part of man's tongue she was kissing


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“This unofficial Page was created because people on Facebook have shown interest in this place or business. It's not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with Samantha Rae Anna Jespersen's Butthole.”


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Police Officer Fired For Giving Feces Sandwich to Homeless Man Wins Job Back, Maintains Sh!t-Eating Grin

According to reports, back in 2016, bike cop Luckhurst was on patrol when he allegedly found two pieces of bread with feces in between them. Instead of throwing the shit sandwich away, he decided it would be hilarious to offer it to a homeless man.



The genetic makeup of a 12-year-old Angolan, boy is now disputed by experts after his deceased mother allegedly told him he is the offspring of a human-chimpanzee love affair, reports the Gazeta Nacional.


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A New Jersey man has been accused of exposing himself while standing on the front lawn of a home.

Joseph P. Dube, 36, of Beverly, New Jersey, was charged via summons on Tuesday with indecent exposure, open lewdness, and disorderly conduct.

According to court papers, a woman reported to Bristol Borough police on Sunday, January 12 that she was walking her dog in the 1100 block of Radcliffe Street when she spotted a man in mesh basketball shorts with his penis over top of the shorts. He was reported to be masturbating while watching her. She said she called her boyfriend and did not wish to walk past the man because her apartment was in that direction.

Last week, a detective made contact with Dube in the 1100 block of Radcliffe Street. He told a detective that he believed police were there because someone was exposing themselves, police said.

At the police station, Dube said he was smoking a cigarette alone outside of a Radcliffe Street residence and had his pants down, but he did not expose himself, police wrote in court papers.

A few minutes later, he recalled applying lotion to his groin area while along Radcliffe Street on January 12 as a woman walked past. He blamed the need for lotion on the fact his testicles were raw, police said.

Editor’s Note: All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The story was compiled using information from police and public court documents.



>He blamed the need for lotion on the fact his testicles were raw, police said.


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