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The woman told police that Clark had been drinking alcohol all day while watching the impeachment trial and "was upset," although documents do not state what caused his anger.


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Doctors have warned horny young men to refrain from using banana peels to masturbate — the latest bizarre sex trend circulating on social media.


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A man who was allegedly high on meth reportedly fought off more than a dozen police officers while publicly masturbating.



If that don't beat all.

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“Sopranos” actress Annabella Sciorra confronted Harvey Weinstein from the witness stand Thursday, telling a jury in a quivering voice that the burly Hollywood studio boss barged into her apartment in the mid-1990s, overpowered her and raped her as she tried to fight him off by kicking and punching him.

She said that a month later, she ran into him and confronted him about what happened, and he replied: “That’s what all the nice Catholic girls say.”

Then, she told the jury, Weinstein leaned toward her and added menacingly: “This remains between you and I.”

“I thought he was going to hit me right there,” Sciorra testified.

At other points in the 1990s, she said, Weinstein sent her packages with Valium and a box of chocolate penises and turned up early one morning at her Cannes Film Festival hotel room door “in his underwear with a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a videotape in the other.” She said he eventually left after she started frantically pushing buttons on the room phone to summon help.


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China closing all movie theaters due to virus outbreak


Moved to >>>/cv/24.

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California man named Sexy Vegan enters plea in dog sex-assault case . Vegan — whose name was previously Hansel Marion DeBartolo III — was busted for posting a video that showed a pit bull licking his rear end on Sept. 5, the Los Angeles County DA’s office said…



Did he put peanut butter on it?

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This seem fair or like justice to you?!


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Epstein didn't kill himself


Wheaton Police Officers Shovel Up Dozens Of Donuts Left In The Road

The Wheaton Police Department's deputy chief P.J. Youker also saw the funny side of the incident. "The humor's not lost on us, either," he told the Chicago Tribune.

He conceded that although officers do love donuts, they draw the line at "one that's been run over 100 times on Naperville Road."


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A bank robber put a pillowcase over his head to hide his identity – then had to take it off because he couldn’t see…


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Five killed in Russian hotel as scalding water floods room

At least five people including a child died in the Russian city of Perm when a broken heating pipe flooded their hotel rooms with scalding water, investigators said.


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