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Some U.S. citizens aren't eligible for stimulus checks - because they're married to immigrants



They might be the least-American of President and First Lady we've ever had. His grandfather immigrated from Germany [1], his father was involved in government corruption [2] and was a member of the Ku Klux Klan [3], and his wife was born in Yugoslavia [4]. Not that I would care, except it calls into question the matter of loyalty and disruption of normal government; we had two World Wars involving Germany last century; ironically, Yugoslavia was invaded by the Germans in World War II. We are at peacetime now, but it makes a person wonder if he is just carrying on Hitler's legacy in one way or another. Especially when you look at the comparisons: his criticism of Mexicans [5] and Jews [6], dead set on building a border wall like Hitler did [7], and everything else [8] [9] [10]. He's a curious case of narcissism.

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