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Posted By Cut and dried
Date Sunday, 14 November 2021, at 11:12 a.m.

When American boys are first born, they're often subjected to ritualistic sexual abuse in the form of genital mutilation. The proponents all show signs of Stockholm syndrome, and like most abused children, they go on to abuse children themselves. The procedure itself is quite profitable for the small collection of fetishists that perform it, as the pieces of skin are often ground into a paste and sold as cosmetics to be injected into women's faces ( to undo wrinkles and age related damage). This is the reason Oprah looks as young as she does. To break a man, you have to strap an otherwise perfectly fine baby boy onto a restraint device so he can't stop it from happening (can only scream out in terror for relief that never comes). Circumcised men are basically all brain damaged childhood sex abuse survivors. Their brains carry the trauma forever. This leads to psychological problems. Most people, cut or not, are cowards and will back down if it means avoiding confrontation with hostile actors. So, rather than confront it, they double down and rally around child sexual abuse torture and genital mutilation as if 3000 years of failing your children and following herd mentality like a herd of sheep is something to be proud of!


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